Can I heal after a split?  

When you lose a relationship it can feel like your whole world is ending. Whether the relationship was working, bad, good, or terrible doesn't matter-healing after a breakup means you will grieve the relationship.  

It is going to feel like someone died, because it is a loss.  However, healing after a breakup is possible.  But it will require time to process the good qualities in the relationship and the specifics that led you to the split. Reflecting on those memories have the potential to lift you up one moment and make you cry the next.  Going through the range of emotions is normal.  Moving forward with your life means you will need to be patient, honest and gentle with yourself.  

Seeking professional support at a time like this is an act of self-care and a healthy response to a difficult situation. If I can be that support person for you, let me know. 

Until then, here are some immediate steps you can take to start healing after a break-up:

  • Keep a schedule or routine as much as possible, go about your day the way you normally
  • Take moments to yourself as you need them- it's ok
  • Reach out to non-judgmental and critical friends and family for support
  • Limit your contact with your ex, because keeping dialogue open doesn't allow the wounds to heal

I work with people to move past break-ups all the time. I can even provide a safe space for you to decide if you want to try to save a relationship that has ended, or move towards letting it go. Give me a call at  (626) 463-1422 to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation.