Have you discovered your parent is a sex addict?  

When adult children discover their parent’s sexual addiction, it is painful and emotionally consuming.  It is normal to have difficulty forgiving your parent, feel betrayed, angry, or not know what to do with the information.  

Unfortunately, the discovery of your parent’s addiction usually changes the relationship.

In therapy, you can heal and address the wounds associated with the hurt that comes from being an adult child of a sex addict. It can also be a safe place to explore the kinds of decisions that most people don't have to deal with:  

  • Can I forgive my parent? Will forgiving my parent with sex addiction hurt the betrayed parent? 
  • Can I trust my parent with my children? How much detail do I need to make informed decisions? 
  • Did I somehow learn the same unhealthy patterns? Am I at risk for becoming a sex addict? 

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