Are you addicted to love and relationships? 

Is the way you do relationships tearing your life and heart apart?

Finding the right person for you isn't always easy. If you are searching for love or a relationship, you know that it is more difficult for you. As much as you crave a solid stable relationship, the pattern that you have been in isn't getting you that.  

Here are some signs you might be struggling with love or relationship addiction:

  • Dropping everything for your relationship
  • Your partner often pulls away, and may even feel "smothered"  
  • Obsessing about him, or fantasizing about past memories or possible romantic opportunities. 
  • Compulsion, it's the acting out behaviors that make you feel you "can't stop." Such as checking emails/texts/calls without permission, identifying other women he may be attracted to and making yourself too available
  • Acting out despite the emotional, legal, physical, financial, spiritual, health or work-related consequences
  • Fear of real healthy intimacy, vulnerability, abandonment, rejection, and being alone.
  • Your tolerance of the situation increases and as this happens you continue to sacrifice your needs and values because your focus is to "make it work" at any cost

I can help!

Understanding what is happening is important, but finding a way to get out of the old pattern is even better. Not only will it improve your romantic relationships- healing your relationship and love addiction will transform so many other areas of your life. Counseling can help you: 

  • Change your relationships with family, friends, and coworkers
  • Improve your self-image, confidence and self-care
  • Feel confident about the decisions you make in your relationships
  • Allow you to comfortably say no to others without overwhelming fear or guilt
  • Learn how to cope with intense emotions so you don't feel compelled to do things you later regret
  • Develop an ability to connect with your true worthiness
  • Learn to make choices that honor you
  • Heal childhood issues such as trauma and abuse if they are impacting your present day life

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