Did you know that sex addiction doesn't just impact men? 

Do you find yourself carrying out destructive patterns around sex again and again- despite how badly it hurts you?  

Our society has had a lot of words for women who struggle with negative patterns related to sex. Women who struggle with sex, often carry a time of guilt and shame, and that can actually perpetuate the cycle. 

Is Sex Addiction Just an Excuse? 

No. Sex addiction is simply a word that describes how people are using sex to avoid pain and continue a pattern of unresolved pain from the past. Take this short quiz below and see if you might be impacted (you will get the results immediately). 

Checking some of those boxes can be incredibly painful. If you checked boxes that brought up emotions, confusion, or a deep desire to change those patterns, please consider giving me a call for a free 15 minute phone consultation. We can discuss how I could help you start a path towards healing and having a healthy pattern around sex!