Should I End My Relationship? Should I End My Marriage? 

Very few people enter a relationship expecting it to end. And the truth is, nobody but you knows if your relationship is worth saving. However, there are times when people start to seriously question whether break-up, when to leave, when to stay, and sadly, even whether it is time to divorce. 

Some common issues that can have you questioning your relationship:  

  • The fighting doesn't ever seem to stop
  • We argue... because we don't really talk
  • All this time, and my partner doesn't know me
  • There is betrayal, lies, and trust issues
  • There is addiction that is getting in the way of a healthy relationship
  • Haven't seen enough necessary change

Making life decisions is hard enough, not to mention when it comes to the future of a relationship.

You've given it your all. You've probably evaluated the pros and cons of your relationship over and over and it's effects on your life. Whatever direction you decide to take it is important to be empathetic with yourself, and prioritize your needs.

Making a decision while in a crisis, or when you feel highly emotional can lead to a never-ending break-up/make-up cycle.  You want to make a decision when you are cool, calm and collected.  In this state of mind and body you are the most empowered and able to make a decision you can feel confident about.

If you need a professional, confidential space to explore your relationship and finally make a decision that you feel confident and sure of- call (626) 463-1422 for your free 15 minute phone consultation to see if counseling can help you finally make a decision you can feel good about.

Counseling is a non-judgmental neutral space for you to make the decision that is right for you.  While family and friends love you dearly, they may not be able to sit with you as you process through this difficult decision. They make it sound so easy... and it's not.