“The chance to love and be loved exists no matter where you are.” ~ Oprah


Do you worry you will never be in a forever relationship? 

Are you starting to think something is wrong with you?

When you have been in relationship after relationship that haven't worked, or where you have been hurt- it is hard to imagine something working out. You find bouncing from feeling anxious and worried about finding "the person" to feeling hopeful and optimistic that you've found "the one." Every new failed relationship- no matter how short lived is just another heartbreak.

You are not alone!  

Relationships are hard. And it isn't your fault that you have struggled to be successful in relationships. We have so many models of failed relationships and what not to do. Where do we actually learn how to find and sustain a healthy relationship? 

It is possible to find the right person-

despite what you past relationships might have led you to believe. But often, to change the outcome, you need to change the pattern and dynamic of how you do relationships. And feeling desperate or fearful won't let you naturally move into a healthy, comfortable relationship. I can give you the tools and information to make the change. 

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